Creative Computing Suite

Sound Design Stream

Theme Leader: Iain McGregor

The sound design stream is designed to prepare students for a career as a sound professional within a variety of creative industries. Within the field of sound it is common for professionals to work in a variety of fields concurrently, such as movie sound design as well as game sound design. So the emphasis of the stream is to prepare students to work within the following industries as a sound specialist: 2D/3D Animation, Computer Games, Interactive Applications, Movies, Music, Products, Radio and Television. Students start by studying sound theory in general terms, then progressing onto production methods for each of the different industries, finally they concentrate on advanced design practice in both practical and theoretical terms. The assessment for the stream is entirely coursework based, so that students can develop a substantial portfolio to help them when seeking employment upon graduation.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Recognise the underlying principles of theory, production methods and design for sound.
  • Construct effective methods for planning the production and design of sound.
  • Identify appropriate methods for the implementation and design of sound.
  • Appraise appropriate methods of evaluating the production and design of sound.

Knowledge gained:

  • The following dimensions are addressed within the stream:
  • Theoretical: Acoustics, Physics, Psychoacoustics.
  • Practical Recording Technology: Microphones, Consoles, Control Surfaces, Recorders.
  • Signal processing: Spectral, Temporal and Dynamics.
  • Export and Reproduction technologies and methods.
  • Preproduction, production and postproduction sound methods in creative industries.
  • Design principles for sound in creative industries.


The ability to perform all of the tasks associated with the design and recording of sound for a wide variety of creative industries.

  • Preproduction planning
  • Production sound creation and capture
  • Postproduction editing, mixing, mastering and analysis.


Examples of student audio work (podcasts - iTunes required download here )

BSc Interactive Media Design BSc Digital Media

Foundation Year

Sound Design Design for Experience Graphics & Animation 3D Design Interaction Design